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​High Desert Composting was created to provide Yakima area residents with a way to reduce the amount of food waste that ends up in the landfill.
We work in collaboration with Yakima Beach Permacultural Collective to turn your food waste into nutrient rich compost, that is used to grow food.

We compost using two methods. One is known as "In situ" which simply involves burying organic material directly into garden soil.
Much of what gets grown in our garden beds of compost enriched soil gets preserved and stored. Then, in the winter, is used to prepare meals for the Young Adult Extreme Winter Weather Shelter operated by Rod's House.

And the other method is known as "fast compost". Our fast compost comes in the form of goat and chicken poop.
Portions of the collected food scraps are used as supplemental feed for the animals. They get their fill of their favorite food scraps, their droppings get collected and are added to a mixture of alpaca poop and soil, and is used to grow plant starts that we sell in the spring and summer months.

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