Food scraps that can go in your compost bucket include

  • All your vegetable and fruit wastes, (including rinds and cores) even if they are moldy and ugly

  • Old bread, donuts, cookies, crackers, pizza crust, noodles: anything made out of flour!

  • Grains (cooked or uncooked): rice, barley, you name it

  • Coffee grounds, tea bags, filters

  • Fruit or vegetable pulp from juicing

  • Old spices

  • Outdated boxed foods from the pantry

  • Egg shells (crush well)

  • Corn cobs and husks (cobs breakdown very slowly)

What can not be composted?

  • Meat or meat waste, such as bones, fat, gristle, skin, etc.

  • Fish or fish waste

  • Dairy products, such as cheese, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, sour cream, etc.

  • Grease and oils of any kind

Why can't you compost these food wastes?

  • They inbalance the otherwise nutrient-rich structure of other food and vegetation waste and breakdown slowly

  • They attract rodents and other scavenging animals

  • Meat attracts maggots

  • Your compost bin will smell pretty bad!

Also any plastic, any paper, and any type of “compostable” plates, to-go containers, or silverware are not allowed.

The only exception to the “no paper” rule is for coffee filters and tea bags– these items are allowed.

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