Weekly pickup service

Service is $10 a month. Subscription options are as follows:

1.    3 month trial (One payment of $30.)

2.   6 month subscription (One payment of $60. Includes bonus dozen eggs.)

3.   12 month subscription ($120. Includes bonus dozen eggs + a one night, midweek stay at Cowiche Canyon Guest House, located in Naches Heights next door to Wilridge tasting room ($90 value.))

Your empty bucket with instructions for composting will be delivered after your invoice is paid. We will leave it on your front porch unless otherwise instructed. 

After you sign up, pickup will begin the first week of the next month. Your pickup day will depend on your location and is subject to change. 

If you'd like to subscribe, click on the button below, and let us know which subscription option you'd like and your address.